Accurate sizing brings new potential

body scanning for e-commerceMost of us have bought clothing online and know how hit and miss it can be to get the right size. We’ll often end up sending things back, ordering two items or even more just to get the right size.

So imagine how useful it would be to have your exact measurements to hand and available when searching for clothes so everything that fits is displayed. Everyone would be a winner both e-tailer and customer!

Body scanning apps are now being designed specifically for getting the right clothing size which could bring all sorts of benefits to the world of e-commerce – reduced returns, bespoke clothing, made-to-measure, unforms etc.

Body scanning is also being used for health and fitness applications such as weight loss programmes etc.

We think you’ll be seeing a lot more from body scanning as the possibilities unfold so we’re genning up on the subject to see keeping an eye on how it may benefit our e-commerce customers in the near future.

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3D Body Scanning
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